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Campaign: Save Our EPA

Caving into pressure from industry groups, and with no community consultation, the Cook Labor government has announced plans that will undermine WA's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). This poses a major threat to WA’s nature. 

What is the EPA? 

The EPA plays a vital role in safeguarding WA's unique environment. Established in 1971 with the help of CCWA, the EPA's primary responsibility is to assess the environmental impact of proposed developments and provide independent advice to the government. This process ensures that environmental considerations are integrated into decision-making, helping to protect our natural heritage for future generations. 

What is the threat? 

Proposed changes from the Cook government could fast-track industrial projects, allow the government to impose its priorities on the EPA, and remove essential public oversight of EPA assessments through the appeals process.  

Amid a climate and biodiversity crisis, the proposed changes would destroy public confidence in environmental decision making and pave the way for accelerated destruction of WA's already stressed, unique and world-renowned nature. 

Get involved to save our EPA and protect WA! 

Together with groups across WA, we are calling on the WA Government to reject changes that undermine our Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), and work to strengthen our environmental protection laws. 

Your voice matters, and your action can make a difference in safeguarding our natural heritage. We need to ensure that the EPA remains independent and effective in its crucial role of protecting our environment.   

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