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Book Launch - as part of Family Night at the 2015 Whale Shark Festival

Mat Vanderklift, Senior Research Scientist CSIRO, will lead this children’s book launch along with a turtle king! Mat is the project leader for the Ningaloo Project, which is in partnership between BHP and CSIRO, and includes a 5-year turtle tagging program.

This launch is for the first two books of a trilogy of children’s stories about Torri who is a very special green sea turtle. She has some magical qualities that she uses in her quest to spread an eco-message and promote the benefits of self-belief. She has some amazing adventures and enjoys the sea as a magical place of discovery. After travelling from the Great Barrier Reef, Torri returns to Ningaloo Reef for her first nesting season. The series is narrated and has a fantastic soundscape as an audio component of these interactive books.

Other than a great story line and illustrations, these books are set to an amazing audio of narration and musical soundscape. The music has been composed and directed by David Pye who is the Musical Director of the Fremantle Symphony Orchestra.

May 21, 2015 at 6:00pm - 9pm
Federation Park
25 Payne St
Exmouth, WA 6707
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