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Block Browse

Woodside’s Browse Basin proposal is one of the dirtiest new fossil fuel projects currently planned in Australia. 

If it goes ahead, Browse will release 1.6 billion tonnes of emissions by 2070 [1] (scope 1 and 3), devastate the pristine Scott Reef, threaten endangered marine life, and further accelerate global warming.

Woodside: the more they pollute, the more they profit

Woodside is making huge profits from gas production, which is fuelling climate change by polluting our atmosphere.

Two ways you can take action right now! 
  1. Join the campaign via our Fossil Fuels webpage
  2. Download our myth-busting flyer for 5 ways to debunk Woodside’s greenwashing claims


Join the campaign to stop this new, huge fossil fuel development

Browse, which is the latest phase of Woodside's Burrup Hub project, will emit the equivalent of 1.6 billion tonnes of emissions until 2070. By doubling down on fossil fuel expansion, Woodside is betting against all efforts by the international community to limit global warming. 
We are building a powerful movement in Western Australia and across the continent to stand up to Woodside and protect our reefs, marine life and climate from this fossil fuel giant.

Browse is a disaster for Scott Reef and our endangered marine life

Scott Reef is one of the most ecologically significant marine environments in the world – yet Woodside plans to drill 54 wells [2] in and around the reef to extract oil and gas from directly beneath the reef. Oil and gas drilling and production as part of the Browse Basin development would have a devastating effect on this pristine area. The remote reefs and lagoons off the Kimberley coast provide a sanctuary for nesting giant sea turtles, pygmy and blue whales, pods of dolphins, dugongs and many other species of endangered marine life. Woodside’s plans would turn this pristine ecosystem into a polluting industrial landscape.

Browse is a disaster for our climate

The Browse gas development would release 1.6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over the next 47 years, making Browse one of the most damaging fossil fuel developments in Australia. The United Nations, the IPCC, the International Energy Agency and the global scientific community have been clear: there can be no more new gas developments, in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and avoid the worst effects of climate change. At a time when Western Australia could be leading the world in the renewable energy transition, Browse would accelerate the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

Through record fires, floods and droughts, climate change is already impacting us. We need concerted action now to stop fueling it, and adapt to its consequences. Instead of being one of the world’s biggest fossil fuel exporters, WA can be a world leader in an accelerated and just transition to renewable energy - which will help to protect our communities, environment and economy. [3]

Join the campaign now!

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[1] See Woodside’s Draft EIS/ERD. Pg 686 and 688.

[2] Woodside (2019) Proposed Browse to NWS Project 
[3] ABC (2022) Vote Compass

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