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Carbon Budget for WA

CCWA has commissioned one of the world’s leading independent climate research institutions to produce the first carbon budget for WA that is compliant with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees temperature rise.

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The analysis shows how the WA carbon budget relates to the global carbon budget and also provides information on the emissions pathway by which the budget needs to be met in order to ensure the Paris Agreement goal to limit warming to 1.5°C does not get out of reach.

It shows how this needs to be complemented with reductions in the sectors outside of energy and industry, in particular agriculture and waste, and the role of land use and forestry to compensate for remaining emissions in particular from agriculture that cannot be fully decarbonised.

It confirms the importance of fast reductions in the short and medium term, and the key strategy to decarbonise the power sector by a fast transition to renewable energy, taking advantage of the vast potentials and low and falling costs of renewable energy and storage technologies and the opportunities for a range of sectors.