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We support changing the date of Australia’s national day

26 January is not a day of celebration for all Australians.

Today is a polarising and difficult day for many – particularly for Indigenous people and communities. Many people across our state find it difficult to celebrate a day which coincides with the colonisation of Indigenous traditional lands and Country.

However, for others, 26 January is a day to celebrate the country they call home – either the country of their birth; the country in which they have chosen to make a new life or the country which has offered them an escape from danger or persecution.

We recognise that there are many good reasons to have a national holiday to celebrate everything we love about Australia, but there are also many good reasons why 26 January should not be that day.

As WA’s peak conservation body, we work hand in hand with Indigenous communities across the state, helping to protect vulnerable landscapes, habitat and species.

Just as the support of Indigenous communities is crucial to our work, we believe that a true 'Australia Day’ must be supported by Indigenous Australians.

That is why CCWA supports moving Australia Day to a new date which will allow us all to celebrate together.

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