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CCWA and our member groups regularly host events to support our campaigns, promote our work and grow our powerful movement. Throughout the year we run a series of engaging events which include our Annual Conference and Environment Matters series.


Annual Conference


Environment Matters

CCWA's Annual Conference is our biggest event of the year, providing an annual networking forum for organisations, member groups and individuals involved in the environmental and conservation sector. Our conference delivers a unique and inspiring program of capacity building and skills development opportunities that responds to current and anticipated needs in the community conservation sector. By providing access to quality keynotes, engaging session speakers, inspirational success stories and hands-on workshops we facilitate meaningful conversation on environmental and conservation topics.  

CCWA's Environment Matters (EM) Series is one of our longest running forums. This is a fundamental outreach and education program with EM seminar series held on a quarterly basis, bringing the community together to explore different conservation and sustainability themes and issues. The forums provide an opportunity for smaller grassroots groups to showcase the incredible work being done across the state in various different forms, and brings together experts and stakeholders from government, industry, and community to discuss environmental issues and challenges where members of the public can participate and contribute to the conversation.


If you have any questions about our events program or would like to find out more about how you can get involved, please contact: 
Events & Partnerships Coordinator - Sara Boranga | [email protected]

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MP Workshop: Defend WA's Nature (Online)

Tuesday 18 Jun 2024 at 06:00 PM
Online (via Zoom) in Perth, Australia
It’s time to let your Member of Parliament know: we need strong laws to defend WA’s nature! The nature we love is in serious trouble. Fossil fuel expansion, industrialisation, deforestation and pollution...

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