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Guilderton Community Association

The Guilderton Community Association is made up of residents and regular visitors to Guilderton who are interested in maintaining and sustainably improving the town now and for the future. The main aims of the association are to:

  • promote the interests of the Guilderton community;
  • assist in the improvement of the town in a manner which protects the natural environment of the Guilderton/Moore River area;
  • conserve the natural environment of the Guilderton/Moore River area; and
  • liaise with the Gingin Shire Council on behalf of the Guilderton community.

In order to carry out these aims the Association is involved in a broad range of activities, including:

  • Bringing items of town maintenance to the attention of the Shire, such as the foreshore toilet block, the groyne, road signs etc;
  • Cooperating with the Shire of Gingin in relation to large projects for town improvement, most recently the building of a new Guilderton Community Hall as an addition to the existing Guilderton Country Club;
  • Carrying out small maintenance tasks around the town, such as the revegetation of the information bay; and
  • Organising participation in community events.

Additionally, sub-groups of the Association are responsible for providing many services within the town, such as the Visitor's Centre, the Library, and Moore Arts which is responsible for much of the public art in the town.

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