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Say No To Scarborough Gas

Join The Fight Against Australia’s Most Dangerous Gas Development

Woodside’s Scarborough to Pluto LNG development is a disaster for our climate, our native marine life and globally significant Aboriginal heritage.

Say No To Extreme Pollution

Scarborough will produce 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon emissions for the next quarter of a century – that’s the equivalent to nearly 15 coal fired power stations – making Scarborough one of the most damaging fossil fuel developments in Australia.

At a time when Australia needs to bring its emissions down and prevent irreversible damage to our climate, Scarborough will accelerate climate damage and lead to more extreme weather events – such as the Black Summer bushfires – happening in future.

Say No To Destruction Of Aboriginal Heritage

Scarborough will also release toxic acid gas and acid rain into the atmosphere above the Burrup Peninsula, severely endangering UNESCO World Heritage Shortlisted ancient rock art which is of such vital importance to our First Nations people.

Murujuga – the Ngarluma-Yaburara language word for the peninsula and the surrounding sea ‘country’ – is a sacred place to Aboriginal people and the one million petroglyphs, some of which date back over 60,000 years. These unique artworks depict Aboriginal cultural lore; long extinct megafauna and the first sightings of Western settlers.

Say No To Destroying Pristine Habitat

Woodside will blast and dredge millions of cubic metres of seabed; hammer giant concrete piles into the ocean floor; and dump millions of tonnes of dredge sea bed spoil across pristine marine habitat for turtles, humpback whales, dolphins, and dugongs.

Will you join the thousands who are already opposed to Woodside’s Scarborough development?

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Will you join the thousands who are already opposed to Woodside’s Scarborough development?