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Chip in to support the anti-protest law campaign

Australians have a long and proud history of peaceful demonstration and protest which has been instrumental in securing many of the protections and rights we now take for granted.

Peaceful demonstration has played an important role in shaping our modern society. The protection of the places we love, from our ancient forests in the Southwest to Ningaloo Reef and James Price Point in the North. And the right to vote, to a fair wage and to a fair price for farm produce.

None of these things would have been achieved without citizens engaging in peaceful protest.

But that’s all about to change with the Barnett Government’s Criminal Code Amendment (Prevention of Lawful Activity) Bill which is being debated right now in our State Parliament.

If passed, this legislation would not only criminalise peaceful protest, but would remove the presumption of innocence for citizens engaging in peaceful protest activities.

Please chip in now to help us campaign on these laws. Your support will help us run forums in the Mid West with farmers protesting against fracking and a targetted media campaign across the state.

$5,000 GOAL

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