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Uranium is unwanted, unsafe and uneconomic

Nuclear Free WA, the Conservation Council of WA and the Australian Manufacturers Workers Union have hit back at the Liberal Party announcement that they intend to lift the uranium ban in WA.

Nuclear Free WA co-convenor Mia Pepper has said “the Liberal party’s ideological position on uranium mining and all things nuclear is a dangerous distraction from the renewable energy opportunities in WA."

“This week we saw huge floods ravage inland WA. The rain hit all four of WAs proposed uranium mines - Kintyre, Wiluna, Yeelirrie, and Mulga Rock. It’s a great relief that none of those mines have opened and that we are not faced with the added catastrophe of leaking radioactive tailings at those four sites pushed through under the Barnett Liberal government."

The WA Labor government has a long-standing anti-uranium policy, but inherited four uranium mining proposals that were fast tracked under the Barnett government in the lead up to the 2017 election. None of these projects have advanced due to a combination of community opposition and poor market conditions.

“There are currently no operating uranium mines in WA, and it should remain that way.” Says Liam Lilly, Fossil Fuels Program Coordinator at CCWA.

“Three out of the four proposed uranium mines in WA have had approvals expire, the standing WA government should immediately withdraw all uranium approvals and ban uranium mining permanently.

“WA communities have a strong and proud history of opposing uranium mining in this state, consistently showing that the dangerous practice has no social licence here.”

AMWU State Secretary Steve McCartney said "It's extraordinary that the WA Liberals keep going back to the well on this issue. 

"Just like uranium, asbestos was once the wonder material of the future. But we banned it because it made workers sick. Why would we not do the same for a rock that kills when it all goes wrong?

"Instead of pushing forward with a renewables manufacturing industry that would create tens of thousands of secure, high-paid jobs for WA workers, the WA Liberals are pursuing a radioactive energy policy that is too risky, too expensive, and too late for WA. 

"You have to question what kind of support the uranium companies are giving the WA Liberals for them to turn wholesale into a glow-in-the-dark political party.”



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