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Alcoa Kwinana Alumina Refinery closure is a stark reminder that Federal and State Governments need to speed up investment in a Green Jobs Industry.

Yesterday’s news about the closure of the Alcoa Kwinana Alumina Refinery is a timely reminder that both Federal and State Governments need to be on the front foot in development and investment of large-scale renewable energy and green jobs.

The refinery has a long 60-year history employing thousands of local, loyal workers with the town of Kwinana being built on the back of the development of the refinery. Over 1100 Alcoa employees, contractors and suppliers all face job losses, which will have a huge impact on the surrounding communities and economies of Kwinana and Rockingham, where many employees and their families live.

Yesterday’s announcement is a timely reminder on why both the Western Australian and Commonwealth Governments need to be on the forefront in the planning, development, and investment of a green jobs industry within WA. Thousands of skilled workers are now facing uncertainty about their futures, which could have been circumvented by having an established Green Jobs industry which will provide a just transition for these workers instead of seeking employment away from their homes and communities.

Over 600 jobs were lost after the closure of the BP Oil Refinery in Kwinana back in October 2020. Industrial Areas like the one in Kwinana are prime locations for large scale renewable energy projects, manufacturing and other green industries.

Now is the time for the Western Australian Government to speed up investment and build on their announcements at the recent Energy Transition Summit in November. During a time of a skilled workforce shortage, a Green Job Industry within Western Australia stands to benefit from the skills and expertise of these Alcoa employees and contractors.

CCWA Better Climate Program Manager, Jayde Rowlands

“Yesterday’s announcement of the closure of the Kwinana Alcoa Refinery is disappointing to hear for the thousands of employees and contractors who will lose their jobs. This is a great opportunity for the State and Federal Governments to step in and provide a path for these workers who will be beneficial providing their expertise in operations, manufacturing, energy and other trades to help kickstart WA’s Green Industry.”

“Lessons have not been learnt from the closure of the BP Refinery back in 2020, which is why this announcement must be used as a wakeup call to start the Government led transition to make WA Renewable Energy and Green Industry Superpower. Great announcements have already been made regarding the transition around training and education, but more needs to be done at a faster pace so no one will be left behind.”

“Whilst work at the Kwinana Refinery will finalise over the coming months, extensive work still needs to be done in the rehabilitation of the Northern Jarrah Forests, one of WA’s most significant biodiversity hotspots. When production at the Kwinana Alumina Refinery finishes and the refinery is closed, this would be a great opportunity to keep most of the workforce employed during the decommissioning of the refinery and to rehabilitate the land underneath. This would be a first step to improve Alcoa’s social license after failing to meet their rehabilitation requirements within the northern jarrah forests, highlighted by DBCA in March 2023.”


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