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April 2018

What an incredible month! Whether you were part of our General Meeting, Environment Matters, film night to Protect Ningaloo - or something else - there were plenty of ways to protect our wildlife and environment in April.

Here are just some of your highlights from April, plus a taste of what’s to come in May...

A message from Sarah about Eco May 2018:

“Eco May 2018 is a month long program of eco-themed activities held right across Western Australia, created by and for community groups and individuals just like you.

We have over 100 events and activities all over the state - so check out the Eco May 2018 program and use the search tool to find activities and events near you!

Why not organise an event yourself?

Hosting your own community event is easy! Any eco-themed activity or event during the month of May can be part of Eco May. Organising a litter cleanup, film night, bush walk or other activity is a great way to promote our environment and connect with your community. If you would like to see your event listed here, message us a link to your Facebook event, and we’ll add it!”

A message from Piers about carbon farming:

“Last week we saw a positive step towards establishing a carbon farming industry here in WA, with an announcement from Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan that carbon farming trials would be permitted on pastoral leases.

Carbon farming is a way to remove pollution from the atmosphere by planting trees or regrowing native vegetation. In the rangelands, this can be done by reducing stock levels and encouraging native vegetation to grow back. This also provides habitat for wildlife, and allows ecosystems to recover from decades of overgrazing.

In addition to environmental benefits, carbon farming has the potential to provide jobs and income for outback land managers including Aboriginal communities and Indigenous ranger groups.

One way the WA Government can drive a carbon farming industry in WA is by requiring big polluters to offset their emissions. LNG companies like Chevron produce over a third of the state’s carbon pollution. These fossil fuel companies should should be investing some of their huge profits to support a carbon farming industry here in WA to create local jobs and offset their pollution.”

A message from Kate about Protect Ningaloo:

“Heron Point in Exmouth Gulf is a spectacular and tranquil place. The mangroves, sandflats, corals, and sponge gardens along that stretch of coast are a haven for sea life like manta rays, dugongs, and hundreds of species of fish, including giant trevally, bonefish, and prawns.

And it’s not just the marine life around Heron Point that’s precious. The terrestrial environment back from the high water mark is a refuge for endangered birds like the fairy tern and the eastern curlew. The fauna of the area has never even been properly surveyed.

But unless we take action, our wildlife’s habitat could be cleared for an unapproved oil and gas project from as early as May 2018. Sign the petition asking the Environment Minister to Protect Ningaloo!

A message from KA about stopping extinction and the Yeelirrie uranium mine:

“Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg is about to make a decision which could mean extinction of multiple species - setting a dangerous precedent for wildlife all over Australia.

Soon, Minister Frydenberg will choose between a uranium mine and unique species found nowhere else on the planet. The WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) warned the mine would cause extinction. Now it is up to Minister Frydenberg to make a decision.

Living underground, the wildlife under threat at Yeelirrie is very rarely seen. But our environmental laws are supposed to protect all creatures great and small.

If extinction is approved at Yeelirrie, it could open the door for extinctions of other wildlife all over Australia. Our possums, cockatoos, numbats and other endangered wildlife could be next.

Send your message to Minister Frydenberg now, and tell him not to approve extinction at Yeelirrie!”

A message from Prof. Kevin Kenneally, President of the WA Gould League, about saving Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre:

"For many of those who grew up in Western Australia over the last century, the WA Gould League evokes a childhood nostalgia. Often their first introduction to birds and wildlife was through their membership and attending school excursions or camps.

But after inspiring over 500,000 young Western Australians to care for our precious wildlife and environment, the WA Gould League’s Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre may have to close its doors by the end of this year.

Please help us stop State Government funding cuts of $165,000, and ask Education Minister Sue Ellery to restore funding in full for Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre, so that we can continue to inspire generations of Western Australians to care for our wildlife and environment."

A message from Bea about our Citizen Science program:

“The Citizen Science program at CCWA will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018. To kick off this year we have already had some significant scientific achievements, which we wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of all the citizen science volunteers. Find out more here!

If you’d like to hear from me each month and stay up-to-date on our CCWA Citizen Science program, you can sign up to our new e-newsletter. Stay tuned for our new Facebook page too - we’ll share the link with you shortly, and look forward to chatting to you!”

And a taste of what’s to come…

Thank you for everything you do for our wildlife and environment, {{ recipient.first_name_or_friend }} - we’re so grateful to have you in our community!

See you soon,

Sarah and the team at CCWA

P.S. If you’re working on an environmental issue and would like advice, resources, or to set up an online action through us, check out our community campaigns tool!


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