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Cape Peron to receive ‘Class A’ conservation status

More than 60 per cent of Cape Peron, near Rockingham, will be given top conservation status under plans announced by the WA State Government.

The area – which accounts for approximately 120 hectares of the peninsula – will be re-classed from a ‘Class C’ to a ‘Class A’ reserve, affording it similar protections to those currently enjoyed by Kings Park and Rottnest Island.

The remainder of Cape Peron will maintain its current ‘Class C’ reserve status, with some areas earmarked for new roads and uncertainty around future land use. However, the WA Environment Minister, Reece Whitby, said he believed at least some of that land would receive ‘Class A’ status in future.

“A-Class reserve is the highest category of protection we can give”, Mr Whitby told the media on Wednesday.

“This is really big for Rockingham. This has been an issue for a long time. The local community values [Cape Peron] highly.”

The reclassification of the area recognises its high conservation value, encompassing beaches, limestone cliffs and panoramic views. It had been subject to plans for a marina at Mangles Bay before the proposal was scrapped in 2018.

Mr Whitby said that it would be “very, very unlikely” that a similar proposal would emerge in future and that both houses of parliament would need to approve it.

“It’s locked in for the future. It will always be an A-Class reserve”, he said.

Maggie Wood, Programs Director at the Conservation Council of WA, welcomed the move.

“This announcement is thanks, in no small part, to the work of local campaigners and conservation groups to help safeguard Cape Peron from development”, she said.

“Particular credit must go to the Hands off Point Peron community group, whose tireless work has helped to protect this area of genuine environmental value for future generations.

“We warmly welcome this announcement by the state government and thank the Environment Minister and Planning Minister for listening to – and acting in – the best interests of the community.”




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