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CCWA calls for renewables not nuclear

Nuclear power remains unsafe, uneconomical, and unnecessary, and it is an unwelcome distraction in WA’s energy transition.

Muja and Collie power stations, both located in WA’s southwest, have been earmarked to become nuclear zones under the Coalition’s energy policy they plan to take to the next federal election.

“WA has world-class wind and solar resources, and we should be focusing on a renewable energy transition, job creation in sustainable industries and avoiding unnecessary radioactive risk,” said Liam Lilly, CCWA Fossil Fuels Program Coordinator.

“Nuclear power is banned in Australia and has no social licence to operate in WA. Every step along the life cycle of nuclear power from mining through to decommissioning and radioactive waste disposal is littered with safety and environmental issues.”

The Coalition’s energy policy is based around small modular nuclear reactors (SMNR), a technology that is underdeveloped, expensive and not scalable. The CSIRO's latest modelling on SMNRs showed that it was by far the most expensive form of energy with renewables being a much cheaper option.

The nuclear industry is plagued with cost delays and time blowouts. “SMNRs would be decades away from broad deployment and would do nothing to reduce Australia’s emissions over the next decade. Renewable energy can be deployed quickly and cheaply in this critical decade where we need to urgently reduce our emissions to address climate change and its impacts on the health of people and our natural environment.” – Liam Lilly.



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