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Federal Senate denounces WA anti-protest laws

Groups have welcomed the motion by the Australian Federal Senate which calls on the Barnett Government to abandon its proposed anti-protest bill.

Protect Peaceful Protest Alliance convenor, Simone van Hattem said “We join the call from the Federal Senate to abandon these anti-protest laws, another clear signal telling the Barnett Government that they have gone a step to far. 

“Last week, United Nations Human Rights Special Rapporteurs made a statement concluding that the legislation would contravene international obligations including the rights to freedom of opinion and expression as well as peaceful assembly and association.

“The UN statement also reminded the WA Parliament that a healthy environment is a human right, and that peaceful protest defense of that right is legitimate and necessary regardless of whether these activities are seen by some as frustrating development."

A broad alliance of over 80 organisations, including conservation groups, lawyers, trade unions, churches, farmers, social services groups and many others have expressed serious concerns about this bill.

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