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Help Fund Our Legal Fight

Woodside’s Scarborough to Pluto LNG development is a disaster for our climate, our native marine life and globally significant Aboriginal heritage.

We need your help.

As an independent not-for-profit organisation, the Conservation Council of WA relies on fundraising to continue its fight for our environment and to hold companies like Woodside to account.

Help fund our fight against Woodside’s Scarborough development with a tax deductible donation to the Conservation Council of WA. 

In the Supreme Court this week, we will argue that the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) permitted existing approvals to be changed, allowing for the processing of significant amounts of additional gas – at Woodside’s request – without undertaking a further assessment of the environmental impacts of those changes. 

Unless these environmental approvals are questioned and challenged, Woodside could have free rein to produce staggering amounts of pollution, far more than that which they initially proposed. Chip in now to support our landmark court challenge.

$20,000 GOAL

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