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Day 20 - Plastic free night out

It’s Plastic Free July, and I'm challenging myself to find alternatives to single use plastic for an entire month - and to write a daily blog on the most interesting parts of the experience. This evening I went plastic free on my night out.

Day 20 Banner.png

This evening I went to Fremantle’s Hidden Treasures Winter Music Series. Unlike last week, I didn’t come across any straws - instead I was surprised to see single use plastic cups for water!

As most bars serve water in glasses, customers already expect to be plastic free in this area. So it seems particularly strange to take a step backwards and introduce plastic where it’s not even demanded.

On the plus side, it was great to see other bars banning single use plastic straws, like Strange Company. So if you’re in Fremantle, your G&T might be more environmentally friendly than your water!


Have you seen single use plastic in unexpected situations?


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